Has the Art of Great Film Criticism Been Lost?

Michael Wilmington worked alongside Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert for many years. While Wilmington and Siskel worked at the Chicago Tribune, Ebert worked across the street at the Chicago Sun Times. As film critics they would always see each other at the screening room on Lake St. Now, There’s Always Another Movie: The Michael Wilmington Story, a new documentary is in the works to share some insights into the life of Michael Wilmington, a cinema savant who excited a generation of movie-lovers everywhere.

 Has the art of great film criticism been lost, thanks to a public that only wants a dumbed-down 30-second, popcorn-sized sound bite? We’re confident that that it’s still worthwhile to celebrate the life of a great critic, and that there’s an audience for such a celebration. Our documentary is finally coming together after more than 20 years—in fact, we are hoping it will come to a film festival or a theater near you in the future..

Some films in production never achieve completion, and our movie about Michael Wilmington was making slow progress until recently. Our new team has been going through 80-plus hours of footage to weave together Michael Wilmington’s unforgettable story as a man who made writing about movies his life’s work and love for over 50 years. Come on a trip through the Golden Age of film criticism–a time when people couldn’t wait to read a review or see a movie debate on TV–and see how Michael enriched the lives of a movie-going public. However, to complete this project we will need funds, and we hope you will help us make it happen. Stay tuned to our page for news of our upcoming crowd-funding drive.